Why Madison Academy?

Who We Are

Madison Academy's Virtual Offering is a tuition-free, online public school academy that is fully accredited.  MVP offers a creative and modern approach to online learning that is aligned with state standards for a quality education. Students move at their individual structured pace that provides for maximum retention of the

Our Vision

"Prepare the next generation of professionals, through academic excellence."

School Pledge

"Today is a new day. I will be respectful and responsible. If I put forth full effort, I will learn."


  • Madison Academy's Virtual Offering strives to be a full service institution for the families it serves by being
    a referral source to outside social, emotional or psychological support programs
  • MadisonAcademy's Virtual Offering develops strong personal relationships with parents through written
    communications and phone calls.
  • Madison Academy's Virtual Offering monitors attendance and makes personal contacts with the home
    when this becomes an issue of concern
  • Madison Academy's Virtual Offering gives a strong curriculum with honors course options